Welcome to GuitarFact.com! If you own a guitar, chances are you are obsessed. It’s ok, we are too! If you have ever wanted to expand your playing, such as learning to tremolo pick, or mastering the art of hammer-ons, bends, and vibratos – then you’ve come to the right place.

GuitarFact.com is great for beginners, intermediate players, and experts alike. Articles are posted by a whole range of guitar-playing authors, on just about guitar every aspect of guitar – reviews, history, impact, and future of guitars. Have you ever wanted to know how Metallica got started? What about what Eddie Van Halen does in his spare time? We welcome you to enjoy our exciting blog for all guitar enthusiasts.

There you have it. Free lessons, reviews, and a great guide to guitar history. What more could a guitar enthusiast want?

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