Are Pop Filters Necessary for Recording?

Not a whole lot of guitar players cash in on the benefits of a pop filter, but no one can blame them. Most of the affordable pop filters break or fail within weeks of having them- or don’t even work at all. This has led a lot of innovative guitar players who are looking to record vocals to become creative- everything from putting a shirt over their mouth to making makeshift pop filters from tennis rackets.

pop filter
Figure 1 – They may resemble tennis rackets, but pop filters can mean the difference between a professional sound, and just another home-made recording.

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Recording Options for Guitarists

Guitar players who are looking to record live sound for the first time will inevitably see a large amount of mistakes and errors along the way. Most beginners are simply satisfied with propping up a cheap microphone headset against the amplifier speaker and jamming away. Once the initial “cool” factor of being able to record music dies, guitarists looking to record their favorite riffs or songs will realize that a little more thought needs to go into the recording process.

microphone recording
Figure 1 – Recording relies on many components- not just a microphone. Monitors, stands, interfaces, cables, and software will likely have to be bought.

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