Crippling Conditions That Affect Guitarists

To the avid guitarist, the hand is the most important part of the body. When something goes wrong with a guitarist’s hand, it can very easily prevent playing for months on end. In fact, this is more common that some may think. It happens to many players when they decide to leisurely play the guitar, and find that they can not move certain fingers or even their entire hand.

Guitar Chord

Figure 1 – Repetitive movements can easily cause injury without warming up. 

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Cleaning Guitar Strings

Take a good, long, look at your guitar strings. Odds are, they most likely need a cleaning. In fact, guitar strings should be cleaned after every session! Doing so will make the time between changing guitar strings longer, and it is also necessary to maintain a good sound and tone. But what exactly needs to be done?


Guitar Cleaner

Figure 1 – We recommend FAST-FRET; It makes cleaning a one step process.

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Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are one of the most important parts of a guitar- so knowing how they work is vital to getting the tone and control that is desired. Different gauges, materials, construction, and string condition can all have a big impact on the sound of a guitar.

Magnified guitar string

Figure 1 – Look familiar? This is your guitar string up close! Notice how the metal is wound into string.

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Weird Guitar Picks

Some of the more odd picks in the guitar world come from exotic locations such as Japan or Arabian locations. Instead of the traditional three-sided, plastic, hand-held pick that most of the world is accustomed to, some simpler picks are fashioned out of bone, horn, and other natural materials. Others are more modern- from an Allen wrench to a loose piece of change.

The oud is a musical instrument from the Middle-East. Interestingly, this instrument was played with an eagle feather. Modern times have led oud players to find an alternative plectrum to use, as eagle feathers are becoming increasingly rare. Instead, the risha was invented. The risha is an elongated piece of bone or horn that has soaked in oil to make it softer. Plastic rishas are also available for beginners, and more crude forms of rishas can even be fashioned out of a plastic bottle.

Risha Pick

Figure 1 – Imagine playing your guitar with a risha stick!

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Tortex Picks

Tortex is a type of plastic manufactured by the successful company named Dunlop. Jim Dunlop created the plastic known as Tortex to replace tortoiseshell guitar picks- since an international ban on tortoiseshell in the 1970’s restricted the sale of one of the best guitar pick materials used around the world.

Dunlop Tortex Picks

Figure 1 – Standard Dunlop Tortex Picks

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