Epiphone Thunderbird IV Electric Bass Guitar

Epiphone Thunderbird IV Electric Bass Guitar, Vintage Sunburst

The Thunderbird bass is a staple of rock and heavy metal bands everywhere. Gibson Thunderbirds cost an arm and a leg (well, Gibson’s always do…) but Epiphone Tbirds are very very affordable, and they just happen to sound great! Really great!

A fine looking bass, no mistake, and one that simply screams rock

  • Four string electric bass guitar in vintage sunburst with classic shape and a classic sound
  • Alder body with bolt-on maple neck
  • Rosewood fretboard with dot inlays; 34-inch scale
  • Dual TB Plus Humbucker pickups
  • Black hardware, volume and tone controls

Featuring both a classic shape and a classic sound, the 4-string Epiphone Thunderbird IV bass guitar in vintage sunburst finish has a reverse body styling, carved top and the Thunderbird insignia on the pickguard. The alder wood body and generous bolted maple neck work together to deliver warm bass tone with plenty of attack from the dual TB Plus Humbucker pickups. Other features include a 34-inch scale, rosewood fingerboard with dotted inlay, 1.73-inch nut width, volume and tone controls, and black hardware.
List Price: typically around $400 (check latest prices here)

So why are the Epiphones so much cheaper than the Gibsons? Well they are not made in America, but is that it? Some friends of mine over at Fly Guitars suggested the following (they know everything you need to know about old Gibson basses there):

The primary difference between a Gibson Thunderbird  and an Epiphone Thunderbird is the construction method. The Gibson has a mahogany/walnut through-neck design, with mahogany wings – the Epiphone maple neck is bolted to the alder body, more akin to a Fender. The Epiphone is considerably easier to make.

Nothing says rock like a Thunderbird, and both the Gibson and Epiphone versions sound terrific. When you consider the price too, the Epiphone is the real winner. Rock!

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