Gibson Les Paul 60s Tribute Electric Guitar

Yeah vintage Gibson Les Paul guitars are cool – but who can afford a real one?

Well, with a Gibson Les Paul 60s tribute, you get 60s styling, Gibson quality, and a price point that us non-bankers can afford. A fine looker for sure, based on their 1960s Kalamazoo-built classics. And incredible value for money; an outstanding guitar for any price!

Gibson Les Paul ’60S Tribute Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst

Gibson Les Paul '60S Tribute Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst

This one’s in vintage sunburst (sometimes called tobacco sunburst), but they also do them with a gold-top, in wine red or ebony. Click the pic to see the other finishes.

  • Mahogany body with maple top
  • Mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard – trapezoid pearl inlays
  • Twin humbuckers (BurstBucker 1 and 2)
  • Grover tuning keys

What a guitar – the Gibson Les Paul design hasn’t remained largely unchanged for 60 years for no reason. This one is based on the Les Paul Standard – the model that the likes of Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton used so famously throughout the late 60s and early 70s. The unique construction of a mahogany body and neck, maple cap and Gibson PAF-style humbuckers gives this guitar it’s richness, those legendary creamy tones, and unending sustain. Only Gibson makes a guitar that sounds like this!

They are ultimately a musicians guitar; one for gigging and recording. Nothing impresses the crowd than the real thing, and short of robbing Jimmy Page’s house, this is the closest you’ll get to a genuine ‘real-deal’ Les Paul.

But despite all this, and despite still being 100% made in the United States, the 60s tribute Les Paul is not too expensive. They can sometimes be found under $1200 (check the current price). A very serious guitar at a super-reasonable price; and like all Gibsons, they keep their price for resale (or go up if you keep them long enough!); after all Gibson is a byword for quality, and quality always sells.

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