Jeff Beck’s guitar collection

Jeff Beck talks guitars – showing some of his collection and telling some really interesting stories on the way. About the fate of his legendary Fender Esquire he played so much with the Yardbirds, and the many other vintage (and newer) guitars he still has.


Jeff’s guitar tech Steve Prior gives an in depth interview about Jeff’s guitars and beyond. Stay TUNED for more.

Jeff shows off some of his favourite guitars: his Gibson L5, 1954 Stratocaster, 1954 Telecaster, Gretch Rancher and a Maccaferri given to him by Led Zeppelins Jimmy Page. Jeff Beck clearly has great affection for his guitars, and talks about the other players that influenced his sound – mostly rock and roll guitarists like Cliff Gallup and Scotty Moore, but also the likes of Django Reinhardt.

And he treats us to a few choice licks in a different style for each guitar – even when not plugged in the tonal differences are really apparent. From twanging teles to soulful strats – check this clip out!

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jeff’s guitar tech Steve Prior gives an in depth interview about Jeff’s guitars and beyond. A lot more interesting stories for all us gear heads. Steve talks pickups, strings and broken bodies!

Video Rating: 5 / 5

2 thoughts on “Jeff Beck’s guitar collection”

  1. So good to hear those stories straight from the horses mouth. Some beautiful vintage guitars too [54 Telecaster, Gibson L5CES], and seeing him play each different guitar in a different style – great clip!

  2. Jeff has been such an influence on me as a player – but I was really interested to see the different tones, and therefore different styles he got from each guitar. Just goes to show that you need a different guitar for different pieces of music. I wish he’d had a nice stage set up to really let rip, but great video none the less

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